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Meet Mr. Blake

Mr. Blake is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of One Place Academy. One Place Academy was created to meet the needs/demands of students who are seeking first-class educational services.

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Institution's Overview

One Place Academy offers impeccable educational services and products to students. Currently, we provide complete curriculum coverage of all Primary Exit Profile (PEP) subjects and English Language and Mathematics at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) level.

Here at One Place Academy, educational songs and music videos are used to enhance the teaching-learning process, making it easier for students to grasp key concepts and formulas.

Our instructors are empowered through the provision of adequate training and the use of cutting-edge technology, geared towards delivering world-class services to our students.


Vision statement

Music is a universal method of communication that spreads powerful messages globally. Our vision is to utilize music, through our original educational songs and music videos, to inspire and educate students all around the world.  

Mission statement

We believe that educational success starts with a passion for knowledge. Our mission is to use cutting-edge teaching strategies to help students retain key educational concepts, study techniques, and most importantly, motivate them to learn.

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